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An integrative approach to wellbeing

You are here because you are interested in your health, great start. You might be in the process of optimizing your health or experiencing complaints. Because everybody and every body is different, only personalized care is offered. 

Why this approach?

Even though the relationship between body and mind has been thoroughly researched and established, it is still not mainstream to treat symptoms in an integrative way. 


With this practice I hope to offer a safe space in which to find and treat the root cause of your symptoms, using modern science combined with ancient traditions and modalities. 

The aim is not merely to 'treat the symptoms' but to grow as a human being, be able to understand what your body and mind need, and have the tools to take care of you. 


Personalized - Integrative - Science based

Microbiome analysis

Lab + urine + saliva analysis
(partnered with the Hessels & Grob laboratory)

DNA testing
(partnered with the Nordic Laboratories)

Based on science backed functional medicine 


Licensed Professional

Image by Martin Widenka

Is this for you?

Whether you are in the process of optimizing your health or are currently experiencing complaints you want to approach holistically, you are more than welcome. To give you an idea of the questions and challenges people come to me with:

Bloating / cramps / reflux

Irregular stool

Diarrhea / obstipation

Skin problems 

Joint problems 

Chronic complaints 


Low in energy 

Sleeping issues

Low libido 

Concentration / focus

Lifestyle questions

Relational questions 

Mental health challenges (depression, anxiety, more)

Not sure if this might be for you?

You can book a free introductory call here and we'll look into it together.

Super Health Food

How it works

We start by getting to know one another during an introduction call. If we both see a fit, we plan an intake. After the intake, a few options are possible:

+ 1 or more follow-up consultations

+ An in-depth health check 

+ A health journey 

+ A referral to a colleague (in and outside the traditional healthcare system)

+ No follow-up is wished or needed

Health intake

This is where we begin. This session aims at getting the most comprehensive picture of your health possible and assessing the root cause of your complaints. From here we take next steps.

Optional questionnaires

90 min 1:1 online session


In-depth health check

For those who want to investigate where the complaints might be coming from and what you can do with it. 

This is a deep dive into your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Extensive medical intake (blood work, urine, questionnaires)
A 60-90 min 1:1 consultation
Personal health plan based on all of the above that will help you navigate your healing process


Integrative health journey

For those willing to take a deep dive into their health and wellbeing and looking for a holistic way to do so.


This is a three- to six-month 1:1 journey during which I support you on your journey.

Extensive medical intake (blood work, urine, questionnaires, 90 min intake)
1:1 sessions
Personal health plan (nutrition, movement, supplements, more)
Availability for questions and advice during

3-6 months

Price varies, to be determined after the intake

Not sure which one to choose?

No worries. You can book a 15 minute free discovery call and together we'll find out. 

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