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A holistic approach to wellbeing

You are here because you are interested in your health, great start. You might be in the process of optimizing your health or struggling with complaints. Because everybody and every body is different, here are some different options to choose from. 

Why this approach?

Friction, pain, and emotions are a gateway to growth. Symptoms can tell a story. Teach us things. They potentially help us grow. It can be hard work to really feel it this way because physical/mental complaints can hamper the trust we have in ourselves and/or our bodies.

Our first reaction is to control the situation, diminish the pain, and move on. Even though we know in practice it is not what will help us.

In our 1:1 w
ork, we aim to get to the root cause of what is going on and take it from there. 

Super Health Food

How it works

After you've scanned through the options you book a free introductory call. We discuss your current situation and wishes. Then we take it from there.

Health overview

For those who want to know what is going on in their body but don't really need extensive support right now. 

This is an accessible health check

Blood work and urine test

90 min 1:1 online session

 €250 ex VAT

Health in-depth

For those who want to investigate where the complaints might be coming from and what you can do with it. 

This is a deep dive into your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Extensive medical intake (blood work, urine, questionnaires)
Online 90 min intake
Personal lifestyle plan (nutrition, movement, supplements, more)

 €450 ex VAT

Health journey

For those willing to take a deep dive into their health and wellbeing and looking for a holistic way to do so.


This is a three- to six-month 1:1 journey during which I personally support you on your journey.

Extensive medical intake (blood work, urine, questionnaires, 90 min intake)
1:1 sessions
Personal lifestyle plan (nutrition, movement, supplements, more)
Availability for six months

Price varies, can be discussed in the call

Not sure which one to choose?

No worries. You can book a 15 minute free discovery call and together we'll find out. 

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