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Keynotes & spoken word

We live in an interesting time when it comes to health. While our medical technology has advanced rapidly, we as a society grow increasingly sick. Many of us want to live as healthily as possible but struggle to know what is the right thing to eat, do, and leave. 

On stage, I give keynotes and tailor-made spoken words about health and life. 



In my keynotes I discuss an array of topics, focusing mainly on:

+ My vision for the future of health(care)

+ Self-care in a modern world

+ My journey as a doctor and patient and how the one affected the other


A spoken word can be perfect for opening or closing an event. It can set the tone in a personal, emotional, or direct way. It can pinpoint something important or simplify complicated themes. In an exploratory call, we can discover what fits your event the best. 

Earlier projects


For the annual event organized by Alles is Gezondheid I opened the day with a spoken word about the theme of the day, Onderstroom. Addressing the unspoken but felt things and feelings that influence us.

Alleen dan samen

A spoken word for the Ministry of Health. The topic addressed that day was mental health. This spoken word highlights the facts that we can never really understand other peoples' stories, but we can choose how open we approach them. 

Wie ben jij als niemand kijkt?

A project during Covid years, during which loneliness was real for many people. The underlying note of the spoken word was to address the importance of the relationship we have with ourselves. 

Mijn hart

A project in collaboration with Bas van Win and Nozem Audio about a broken heart. 

Mijn hart

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