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Nice to meet you


My name Mia. I am a medical doctor living in Amsterdam, on a mission to humanize healthcare. 

In my work, I combine my background as a medical doctor with years of coaching experience and a vision of the future of health. I believe we move towards a system that focuses on helping people stay healthy and heal in the most natural way possible, supported by professionals who practice what they preach. 

After I had a mountain bike accident in 2019 I received great support from many different healing modalities, other than I was used to from our Western healthcare system. This taught me not only about all the other options we have to heal as people but also as a healthcare system. 


On stage, I give keynotes on my vision of the future of healthcare as well as my personal journey. 

My big passion in life is to bring the invisible into words. Thus, when I get the chance I give tailor-made spoken words to open or close an event. 


Mia is als mens, arts, patiënt, spoken word artist, inspirator, keynote sprekers zo veelzijdig, zo waarachtig en zo werkelijk doorleefd dat je aan haar lippen hangt van ontroering én in een soort ademloosheid vaststelt dat wat Mia met ons opheeft gewoon de toekomst is. Als mensheid zijn we toe aan de “holistische zorg voor iedereen”  waar Mia voorvechter van is.

Marianne van den Anker, Ombudsman Rotterdam

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