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We live in an interesting time when it comes to health. While our medical technology has advanced rapidly, we as a society grow increasingly sick. Many of us want to live as healthily as possible but struggle to know what is the right thing to eat, do, and leave. 

On stage, I give keynotes and tailor-made spoken words about health and life. 

Personalized, integrative medicine

Our world is filled with contradictions. We have never been as connected as we are now, but also feel more isolated and lonely. Our Western Medicine has developed rapidly and extensively. We grow old, but we are more chronically ill.  

It's time for a new health paradigm. One that involves the whole person, physically, mentally and spiritually and focuses on healing as well as curing. One that begins with lifestyle and self-care, always. 

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Keynotes & spoken word

If you're looking for a key note or a spoken word on your event on self-care, staying healthy in a modern world and more, click here for more info.

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