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Where health and personal growth come together

More and more of us have set out to improve our health. We use supplements, work out, and invest in our mental health. But the 'health world' can be overwhelming. What should you eat? What should you supplement? What is best for this or that?


Let's translate all the information that is out there to your personal body and situation. And let's do so by bringing together Western medicine and Eastern philosophies and wisdom. Promoting healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 


You want something to change in your life, but you don't yet know what or how. You might be at a crossroads or in a difficult situation. Coaching can offer you a new perspective on things, get a clear overview, and the support to choose the life you want to live.


Personalized, integrative medicine

Whether you are here to optimize your health or experience complaints you want to approach in a holistic way, you're welcome. 

To give you an idea of the questions I get often:

I'm feeling low but don't know why

I think I have digestive issues (anything from bloating, irregular stool, and cramps to "I think it might be the gut")

 I have trouble sleeping

Lifestyle and self-care questions (think nutrition, exercise, relaxation and spirituality)

I have chronic complaints (think tiredness, pain or skin problems) 


Practical info


Sarphatistraat 14, Amsterdam


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